20 Ton Air Conditioner

20 Ton Air Conditioner

Fully redundant N+1 10 Ton or a two-stage 20 Ton Air Conditioner when Space is at a premium.

Built to fit on the back of a tractor-trailer or conex box, Our 20 Ton Wall Mounted Air Conditioner can allow you to cool more when you can’t fit another 5 or 6 ton on your wall. Our interlaced dual circuited coils make a fully redundant system capable of performing even if any single component in the system fails. It’s like having two 10 Ton units in the space of one. Lead-lag the (2) 10.0 Tons when downtime isn’t an option or run the 20 ton air conditioner in two stages to get the variable performance if conditions require.


  • 20 Ton Air Conditioner


  • All Electrical Components UL and CSA approved
  • Rosenburg high-efficiency backward curve evaporator motor with overload protection
  • Rosenburg high-efficiency sickle blade axial condenser fans with overload protection
  • Factory pre-charged with R-410a
  • Programmable wall mounted 7 day, 4/2 event Thermostat/humidistat included
  • Copper Tubes with Aluminum Fin Coils Installed
  • Unit Fully Tested for Operational Performance and NEC Compliance
  • Owners & Maintenance Manuals Included
  • Certificate of Conformance Issued
  • Copeland Scroll Compressors
  • All Epoxy coated 18 gauge Cabinets and framing
  • Phenicon High Solids Epoxy coated coils for maximum corrosion protection
  • Low Ambient control (fan cycle switch)
  • Interlaced Dual Circuit Coils with .025 tubing
  • DX Refrigerant Pressure gauges installed
  • 100% Single or 60/100% Two Stage Heat Controls
  • 50/100% Two-Stage Cooling Controls
  • Phase monitor
  • Lifting eyes installed on unit
  • Condenser coil guards
  • Stainless steel HVAC information tag installed on outer surface of unit.
  • All motors will be suitable for 55C ambient conditions.
  • SS316 Stainless steel condensate drain pan.
  • All typically exposed wiring in the condenser section to be guided in flexible fire retardant braided sleeve
  • Flexible refrigerant lines

Available in 208/1ph, 208/3ph, 460/3ph and 600/3phase

Hazardous location and explosion proof upgrades are available.