20 Ton Air Conditioner

20 Ton Air Conditioner

Fully redundant N+1 10 Ton or a two-stage 20 Ton Air Conditioner when Space is at a premium.

Built to fit on the back of a tractor-trailer or  Our 20 Ton  Air Conditioner can allow you to cool more when you can’t fit another 5 or 6 ton on your wall. Our interlaced dual circuited coils make a fully  live dealer casinos Canada redundant system capable of performing even if any single component in the system fails. It’s like having two 10 Ton units in the space of one. Lead-lag the (2) 10.0 Tons when downtime isn’t an option or run the 20 ton air conditioner in two stages to get the variable performance if conditions require.


  • 20 Ton Air Conditioner


  • All Electrical Components UL and CSA approved
  • Rosenburg high-efficiency backward curve evaporator motor with overload protection
  • Rosenburg high-efficiency sickle blade axial condenser fans with overload protection
  • Factory pre-charged with R-410a
  • Programmable wall mounted 7 day, 4/2 event Thermostat/humidistat included
  • Copper Tubes with Aluminum Fin Coils Installed
  • Unit Fully Tested for Operational Performance and NEC Compliance
  • Owners & Maintenance Manuals Included
  • Certificate of Conformance Issued
  • Copeland Scroll Compressors
  • All Epoxy coated 18 gauge Cabinets and framing
  • Phenicon High Solids Epoxy coated coils for maximum corrosion protection
  • Low Ambient control (fan cycle switch)
  • Interlaced Dual Circuit Coils with .025 tubing
  • DX Refrigerant Pressure gauges installed
  • 100% Single or 60/100% Two Stage Heat Controls
  • 50/100% Two-Stage Cooling Controls
  • Phase monitor
  • Lifting eyes installed on unit
  • Condenser coil guards
  • Stainless steel HVAC information tag installed on outer surface of unit.
  • All motors will be suitable for 55C ambient conditions.
  • SS316 Stainless steel condensate drain pan.
  • All typically exposed wiring in the condenser section to be guided in flexible fire retardant braided sleeve
  • Flexible refrigerant lines

Available in 208/1ph, 208/3ph, 460/3ph and 600/3phase

Hazardous location and explosion proof upgrades are available.