How to Choose an Air Conditioner Manufacturer

How to Choose an Air Conditioner Manufacturer

Under most circumstances, an air conditioner manufacturer designs a unit for a specific use case then mass manufactures that system. However, what do you do if the unit you need doesn’t exist? It is possible to get creative and repurpose existing equipment in non-standard online casinos ca ways, but often, environments, hazards or very specific size, use or ventilation requirements may prohibit the use of existing equipment the way it is designed.



Is There an Air Conditioner Manufacturer that Builds Custom Units?

XP Climate control is a custom air conditioner manufacturer that specializes in one of a kind systems for non-standard use cases. We get excited about the specifications that look scary to everybody else. We can engineer a system to your exact specifications then mass produce as many units as you need.



What is a Non-Standard Air Conditioner

There are two reasons why an air conditioner would be categorized as non-standard.


  1. It does not exist in any form anywhere else and must be engineered and built from the ground up.
  2. Someone is already manufacturing the item you need, but significant modifications are required before it is safe or sufficient for the location.


Customers looking for air conditioner manufacturers usually have one or more very specific requirements for cooling, heating, humidity or ventilation but the types of customers are as varied as the units themselves. They can range from a brewery needing cooling on a new manufacturing process or replacement of obsolete or one of a kind equipment.


Modifications of existing equipment can be for many reasons. Many of our customers need air conditioners in classified environments built to “explosion proof” standards. Explosion proof does not mean these air conditioners are bombproof; instead, an explosion proof air conditioner is one that is constructed or modified so it does not become an ignition source through arch or spark in a hazardous location where gases, dust or fibers are present in combustible concentrations.


Hazardous or corrosive environments are another reason to modify existing equipment with coatings. Deterioration from salt-air to wastewater treatment chemicals can significantly shorten the life of your equipment.


Two Manufacturing Approaches for Air Conditioners


Bespoke Air Conditioners

If you are confident the equipment you need doesn’t exist, give us a call or build the unit with our tool so we can get an idea what you are looking for. We produce to your need, but because we build all sorts of different units in every configuration imaginable, it is possible we have done something in the past in a format you might not have considered. You can also look at The Custom Air Conditioner Build Process for inspiration.


Modify Existing Air Conditioners

If the specification lists options not available from the factory, that is where we jump in. Actually, a lot of air conditioner manufacturers use us as an extension of themselves when the scope of work is outside their specialty. Select “Customize Existing Equipment” on our Build Yours tool and attached your specifications. You are welcome to provide the equipment yourself, or we can acquire it for, make the modifications and ship it directly.


How Long Does it Take to Build an Air Conditioner?

We are only as fast as our slowest supplier.  Once we’ve identified the needs of the unit, we can put a quote together.  Although every unit we make is custom, it’s possible your job is similar to something we’ve built in the past, and we can get you a quote in a day or two.  Some units (especially larger tonnages) may require us to reach out to component suppliers for items we may not have prices on yet which can take 3-5 days.


Our coils are made up the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and typically take 4-5 weeks. Our preferred fan manufacturer can take up to 14 weeks on the more significant (15+ Tons) units, but all our suppliers have expedited options for a fee:


15% for 20 (Business) Days
25% 15 (Business) Days
30% for 10 (Business) Days


Doing our coatings on-site cuts down on transportation costs, lead times, and ensures the integrity of your coating is done right at in a manufacturing environment. We have a paint booth on site to coat all our coils and cabinets in-house when they are ready for it.


You may also want to consider an air conditioner in our rental fleet if you need something to hold you over temporarily.



Where are Our Units Manufactured?

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Our units are proudly engineered, tested, listed and manufactured in The Blue Ridge mountain range deep in the North Carolina Appalachians at our facility in Boone, NC. We are proud to be a family owned and operated American manufacturer.



How Much are custom Air Conditioners?

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Just like the Bespoke suites on Savile Row, building a custom air conditioner is going to be more expensive than picking something up off the shelf. If you can make an off the shelf unit work, you’ll definitely save money. So much depends on the specifications you need because a unit could be $2,000 or $150,000.