Welcome Aqua Aero Coatings

Welcome Aqua Aero Coatings

We are thrilled to announce we have brought on Aqua Aero Coatings to our product line.   Aqua Aero is the first company to develop a waterborne HVAC coating that is VOC free and FDA (21 CFR175.300) approved with a negligible impact on heat transfer.


Aqua Aero coil coating


Aqua Aero coatings are anti-microbial and passed the ISO 22196:2007. They’re UV Resistant and waterborne compliant to AQMDSouth Coast Air Quality Management District regulations.


Aqua Aero Coating


Aqua Aero coatings can be sprayed, dipped and flowed on to ensure 100% coverage resulting in an equal layer thickness of 25 microns or 1 mil and because they are VOC free, don’t smell and are touch dry within 10 minutes.  The coating has no hazardous contents and can be applied without any legal restrictions.



Other Aqua Aero products include Multi Coat Siloxane (low VOC) that withstands the most severe corrosion conditions, like wastewater plants and offshore oil rigs. As top coating with Mastic primer, Multi Coat Siloxane will eliminate corrosion of headers, panels, compressors and drain pans for the lifetime of the equipment.

Multi Coat Siloxane is currently in use on thousands of units in the Middle East without any defects.


Build or Customize your unit with the Aqua Aero coating option or send us the equipment you need coated. 


There are a lot of coating options out there, many of which are great, however, we are excited about the technology Aqua Aero has developed in a waterborne application because it’s much easier to apply and has an almost negligible heat lost of thermal conductivity less than 3%

For customers sensitive to VOC’s or are in jurisdictions like California with tight VOC regulations, AA is the only product that doesn’t sacrifice protection in hazardous environments while not outputting any VOC’s.

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