Pad Mount & Roof Top Air Conditioners

What’s the difference between a Pad Mount and Rooftop Air Conditioner

Package Pad Mount & Roof top air conditioners are large systems capable of single or multiple zone heating, cooling, ventilation and dehumidification.  Sizes range from 3.0 Tons all the way up to 100+ tons.  For large spaces and loads pad mounts and roof top units are going to be your best bet. Rooftop and pad mounted air conditioners are very similar in form, the biggest difference between them being the direction of the discharge.  Rooftop units generally have a vertical discharge and pad mounts are horizontal.  Ductwork can also be attached to either unit

As a custom air conditioner manufacturer They both can have pressurization added to them.  Modular pressurizations system can be added to them as well. It has all the same features as wall mounts…as far as voltages phases hertz coatings cabinet materials gas detection, smoke detection, I don’t think I mentioned this before.  If gas detection can be built in, smoke detecting can be built in as well.

Roof top and pad mounts are usually larger capacity units.  I think the smallest one we’ve ever done is a 3.0 ton.  Pad mount…but those can go up to pretty much infinity.  They can go into multiple stages.  You can do a single circuit and you could do, you could go up into, you know, 4,6,8,10 circuits if you wanted to.  Just depends on how big the unit needs to be.  Also, a lot of companies, chemical plants, manufactur facilities use these huge units and have multiple circuits for staging because one day they might need 20 tons and the next day they might need 50 tons depending on what their heat output is for that day or what ever they may be building at the time.